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Proximity trips

The New Frontier of Post-Pandemic Tourism


Our habits have changed in recent months. Everything that used to be part of normality before the pandemic has drifted further away from this concept, transformed, disappeared, and then returned, with the second phase, in a new form. Dining with plexiglass barriers, shopping one person at a time, wearing masks at the gym. In short, a completely altered normality.

What about our post-pandemic vacations? For some time now, there has been talk of proximity travel, which means choosing to move and travel to places close to us. It's a return, if you will, to the "made in Italy" vacations of the 80s when families would rent an apartment and spend their holidays in a location close to home. However, there is one substantial difference: the search for less crowded destinations, for obvious reasons.

Essentially, the new trend of the summer will be to rediscover nearby and yet unexplored places, seek contact with nature, explore those slightly overlooked villages, and immerse ourselves in their authenticity, both in terms of local gastronomy and traditions. The most significant aspect of traveling in proximity will likely be moving towards sustainable tourism. In fact, these two concepts are deeply interconnected. Sustainability, in this sense, will put the spotlight on small-scale establishments, agritourism accommodations with their locally sourced produce, and the rediscovery of local specialties. In short, it will be a more conscientious dimension of travel.


Traveling in Proximity and Slow Tourism

Traveling in proximity also means traveling slowly, immersing ourselves completely in the places we visit, capturing their nuances, characteristics, and peculiarities at a more relaxed pace that allows for a more intimate approach.

In essence, this kind of journey is also a way to rediscover ourselves, our surroundings, and the culture that, until recently, may have been taken for granted due to its close proximity. We will learn to embrace it and carry it with us as personal enrichment.


Rediscovering the Territory

A new tourist season will begin, focused on rediscovering the small treasures of our country, those excluded from the traditional tourist routes. We are talking about villages, countryside hamlets, nature trails, numerous hiking routes, valleys, forests, parks, and protected areas. All of this is marked by the distinctive factor that often disappears in increasingly standardized vacations: the authenticity of the experience.



A Helping Hand for Our Economy

Let's face it, traveling in proximity is also a way to support the Italian economy, which, like many other countries around the world, is suffering greatly from the lack of tourism. It is a local choice that will have various impacts, seeking to support a sector, tourism, that has been severely affected by COVID-19. By traveling in proximity, we will support restaurants, guesthouses, agriturismi, local shops, and all the businesses associated with this sector.


Staycation and Undertourism

New ways of traveling are emerging, accompanied by new terms that identify these modalities. Traveling in proximity also means engaging in staycation, a term coined by Americans that refers to vacationing near one's own home or, in our case, within Italy. It combines two words, stay - to remain, and vacation - vacation. It has become a true trend, as evidenced by the phenomenon on social media: on Instagram, the preferred platform for travelers who want to share their experiences, the hashtag #staycation has over 3.6 million posts.

The term undertourism goes hand in hand with proximity travel. It refers to a type of tourism that contrasts with overtourism, preferring less crowded, unexplored places, open-air locations, lesser-known small villages—essentially, the lesser-known Italy.


We are heading towards a new perspective on travel, one that is more attentive and sustainable, more conscious and respectful. Traveling should also encompass these aspects now, during this period of rediscovering our territory, and in the future when COVID-19 becomes a distant memory. We will once again enjoy the slowness of movement, establish a connection with the environment around us, and delve into the unique features of the places we visit, all to avoid behaving inappropriately or disrespecting our planet. Based on this premise, there is a strong sense of hope that prevails in this direction. The way we travel will change, but our actions and habits to continue experiencing the beauty of places should always move in one direction: sustainability.

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