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Why be Experiential Activity and/or Yookye Service

Being a Yookye Experiential Activity means entering the world of traveling with your passions and having the assurance of a local expert by your side!"

Being a Yookye Experiential Activity means a guarantee

Being Yookye Experiential Activity means transparency and blockchain-certified reviews


Free entry with detailed description of your activity and experience, choose price and availability dates.

The calendar will allow you to enter differential prices for adults, infants, and children.

For any needs our managers are available.


We are a registered tour operator and we guarantee the traveler in their vacation, we also guarantee the owner of the business and experience that guests will arrive because they have requested just such an activity or experience as yours, within an experiential journey that features them

We are always up-to-date on regulations, health and safety for those offering their experiences and for travelers.

We care about the well-being of both

We provide 24-hour guest insurance with travel insurance and an emergency number

The Covid 19 has brought us closer and closer to the theme of safe and sustainable vacation

How the input happens

Contact us, a local expert will evaluate you for the selection of your experience and activity

Send us the information material of your experience and activity

Publish your page

You can publish multiple experiential activities at no charge

Determine how to conduct your activity with travelers, the calendar will allow you to be dynamic

Decide prices and cancellation conditions

Commissions and Payments

Yookye commission is low and payment quick

Enter Yookye World as a Selected Experiential Activity

Who can enter Yookye World

Who has an 'activity that allows an experience that can make the traveler live a passion, feel part of an area, feel like an actor in the vacation

Typologies of Experiential Activities to be proposed:

  • Adventure
  • Wellness and wellness trails
  • Culture
  • Food and wine and cooking classes
  • Local Events
  • Multi activities both active and slow
  • Outdoor
  • Motors both tour and rental
  • Rural

If you have an experience other than those mentioned...you are welcome!"

We also give the opportunity to become an Experiential Business to those who wish to offer a service of:

  • Chaperone
  • Nature guide
  • Mountain guide
  • Personal shopper
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Vespa rentals
  • Classic car rentals
  • Tour guide

and much more...

Who is Yookye?

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