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Who is the Local Expert?

The Local Expert is, along with the technology part, the core element of the platform.

He is a trained person with great local knowledge, an expert, a service provider, or a travel agent, an operator working in a consortium or Atl.

What area do you preside over?

It must be a geographic area chosen based on the flow of tourism. The greater the flow the smaller the area and vice versa. So it will not be a well-defined area such as region or province but the Local Expert will be manning an area such as Il Chianti, Langhe, Il Roero, Monferrato, Maremma etc...

What should he or she do?

First of all, select. Those who know their area well know very well what experiences are most in demand and who the suppliers are. The Local Expert will first have to get in touch with them, contract them, and enter them into the platform. Once they are entered he will have completed a package of more or less substantial proposals and will be ready to satisfy a client should he require that type of experience. However, he will have to continually upload suppliers because he will have to be careful not to have too many committed and not be able to satisfy all the requests received.

Once the traveler fills out the form, the selection mechanism, will identify the area where they would like to spend their vacation and thus also the relevant Local Expert. The request will then reach the Local Expert who will in turn have to fill out the triple proposal to be formulated based on what they have uploaded to the platform, from vacation rentals, experiences, and services. Once the triple proposal is filled out, the Local Expert will send it to the Yookye platform which will forward it to the final customer.

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