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The 10 most beautiful villages in Italy

The hidden face of a country to be enhanced

Italy is the most beautiful country in the world. How many times have we affirmed this and at the same time wondered how much unexplored and sometimes cornered beauty there still is around the boot.

Our country is one in which history and culture are breathed not only in the most emblazoned cities or large towns, but all over the country. Proof of this are the so many villages, less known and crowded, but no less fascinating or interesting. Far from it.

These are often small towns, with a great history behind them, but for a variety of reasons, they find themselves facing depopulation, which also has repercussions on the country's economy. The association Borghi Più Belli d'Italia works precisely with the intent to safeguard and promote hamlets, villages, small, lesser-known realities, which precisely because of their "marginality" risk disappearing.  It is simply a matter of looking around, seeing beyond what we already know to find that beauty that we should all value, as a fundamental part of our historic cultural heritage.

There are so many villages in our territory that deserve more than a mention, we have today selected 10 of them to offer you a mini guide ready to use of the 10 Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.


The 10 Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

Bobbio, Emilia Romagna

Bobbio certainly could not fail to be included among the 10 most beautiful villages in Italy. It is a town of 3,500 inhabitants nestled at the foot of Monte Penice. History can be felt everywhere in Bobbio, starting from its most important site, the Abbey of St. Colombano, to the Duomo, the Convent of San Francesco and the Malaspina Castle from whose tower you can enjoy a beautiful view of the town and the Apennines. The town's landmark is the Gobbo Bridge, which stands over the Trebbia River and which you cross to enter the town. Once in the historic center get lost in the narrow streets, medieval buildings and the atmosphere of yesteryear. And certainly don't leave without trying the local delicacies, one above all the maccheroni alla bobbiese. Not to be missed!


Posada, Sardinia

Posada is a small village, perched on a limestone hill on top of which is the Castle of the Fava, from which there is a splendid view of the sea and the plain. Posada is a village characterized by stone, narrow alleys, arches and stairways. Start your exploration of the village from the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate without neglecting the river port, a relevant area where you will find ponds, dunes, fossil mouths and where you can take part in numerous activities. Sardinia is also sea, so do not miss the beautiful beaches of Posada.


Subiaco, Lazio

Subiaco stands on a limestone cliff overlooking the Aniene Valley. This medieval village is positioned within a very important naturalistic area namely the Regional Natural Park Simbruini Mountains. That is why its beauty derives not only from its characteristic historical center with its unmissable Benedictine monasteries, but also from its special location and its surrounding landscape. The ideal place for those who love nature but also immerse themselves in history.

Scanno, Abruzzo

Scanno is a little gem nestled in the National Park of Abruzzo. Its narrow streets are all ups and downs, steps (cemmause) everywhere, flowered balconies, stone houses, craft stores (especially goldsmiths') and Baroque-inspired portals. And if the call of nature gets too strong, take a trip to the lake of the same name, the heart-shaped one, among the most beautiful and visited in the entire region.


Tellaro, Liguria

This seaside village in province of La Spezia is perched on a cliff. Tellaro is framed by a fabulous landscape, and just walking down the road that will take you there will give you a taste of what awaits. Alleys, colorful houses, good food, beautiful sea and ancient traditions make this village the ideal place to spend a few days in complete relaxation.


Locorotondo, Puglia

A village that dominates the Valle d'Itria and takes you back in time. It is Locorotondo, in the province of Bari, a place you never tire of seeing. The historic center is a true masterpiece, enriched even more by ancient churches, small arches, craft stores and the typical sloping-roofed houses, the "cummerse." Picturesque sights, traditions, beautiful landscapes and surroundings not to be missed.


Chianalea di Scilla, Calabria

Described as Little Venice, Chianalea is a picturesque fishing village on the Viola Coast. The Scaro Aleggio is one of the most photographed spots, with fishermen leaving their boats here. But Chianalea is also history, with its Ruffo Castle, which towers over the entire bay. Small accesses to the sea, steep steps and narrow alleys make this place one of the most authentic seaside villages.


Castelmezzano, Basilicata

From the historic buildings of particular beauty, to the portals, to the Norman-Swabian Castle, to the churches, everything makes Castelmezzano an absolutely unmissable village. It is set in a magnificent landscape such as the Lucanian Dolomites that make it even more special. Steep stairs, narrow alleys, houses clinging to the rock, and the guglie to frame them are only a small part of the beauty of this little medieval jewel. Absolutely a must-see.


Castiglione di Sicilia, Sicily

Castiglione by its location alone is a magical place. In fact, it is located on a hill in the middle of the Alcantara Valley and Etna Park. From the Castle of Lauriayou can enjoy a unique view of the entire valley. The center is full of historical monuments, palaces, steep narrow streets, churches of clear medieval origin and so much beauty everywhere. The backdrop with Mount Etna and the Alcantara River is an undisputed witness.


Lovere, Lombardy

Lovere is strategically positioned on the Bergamo shore of LakeIseo. The lakefront is certainly one of those attractions that impresses with its spectacular views, but it is the historic center, with its narrow streets, squares, churches, towers, monastery and much more that enshrines its absolute beauty. Given its small size, it is ideal for a day visit although, we are sure, the unforgettable scenery will surely make you return to this village to admire it again and again.

In short, you will be spoiled for choice when you find yourself deciding which of the 10 most beautiful villages in Italy to begin your visit from. From north to south, including the islands, you can chase the boot discovering history, art, nature, traditional cuisine and so much more. And we will help you plan your vacation in the best possible way. Just tell us which village you want to start with, what your preferences are, the activities you would like to do and the services you need to make the most of your vacation. Fill out the interactive form and our Local Experts will know how best to advise you, creating tailor-made.