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Glamping in Italy

What does glamping in Italy mean?"

While the battle with the Coronavirus still rages in Italy, phase two, which enshrined the country's new start after the lockdown, has finally arrived and like it, so has the desire to spend time outdoors.

We have almost skipped spring and are heading into summer. But what lies ahead? The summer of 2020 will undoubtedly be different from the others; there are plans for closed beaches, restricted entry to popular tourist attractions and precautionary measures against the spread of the virus.


Covid 19: the importance of sustainable tourism

There is no denying that the pandemic has changed our lives, spurring us to find solutions by rethinking our vacations. In fact, according to many, proximity tourism will characterize our summer, making room for nature, physical activity and relaxation.

Ditching the old vacation habits is not so easy, so many are fond of the idea of the nice beach vacation, accompanied by evening outings, restaurant dinners and nightlife, but avoiding mass gatherings still remains the priority.

What to do then if you want to spend a vacation in tranquility, perhaps in the midst of nature, without abandoning the pleasures of good food and the spirit of travel? Exploring new worlds is still possible thanks to glamping.


What is glamping?

Glamping, or luxury camping, is a new way of being in touch with nature, it means staying in eco-sustainable facilities with the same comforts that a hotel room offers. The word comes from the fusion of glamour and camping, thus glamorous camping. Facilities used for glamping arefully furnished and have a private bathroom and most often, even air conditioning. All of these factors contribute to the destablishment of these facilities, so as to cover a broader demand for customers to stay. If you used to think of spring or summer to spend time in nature, now you can think of going year-round. Thanks to glamping, it is possible to stay in exclusive facilities and enjoy breathtaking views, falling asleep under the starry canopy, bringing a new adventure to life each time.


What is the difference with traditional camping?

Although starting from the same matrix of staying outdoors, glamping has little to do with traditional camping. First of all, because if in the past you had to carry some bulky and heavy camping equipment to stay a couple of nights immersed in nature, now a facility with all the amenities you need is already waiting for you. The upgrade made in this area is clear: highlighting all the emotions that an outdoor stay could provide while keeping aside all those obvious inconveniences typical of traditional camping (transporting equipment, setting up the tent, etc.). 


Glamping as a worldwide phenomenon

The phenomenon of glamping was born the early 2000s, the term was first used in England in 2005, but the trend originated much earlier, in African tradition for example, with the tents Safari. The luxury camping model, has since been exported around the world, finding a glamorous new concept especially in America and Australia. In the first decade of the 2000s, it also arrived in Europe, thus becoming a global phenomenon and taking on a variety of identities. Indeed, it is possible to spend a stay in a treehouse, a transparent bubble, a turret, a geodesic dome, etc.

All locations to be discovered in short, along of course with the territories in which these facilities are set. Quite a quantum leap, isn't it? The discovery is that we can find these exclusive facilities in Italy as well.


The glamping in Italy

The global phenomenon of glamping landedin Italy in 2009,planting the first luxury tents. This Thousand and One Nights location kick-started the spread of this still little-known industry. In fact, not many people when talking about glamping know what it is, this is because there is still a misconception that it is associated with traditional camping. In Italy, on the other hand, there are about 2000 authentic glamping facilities, born mostly in wonderful places, from north to south, in truly enchanting natural settings.

The facilities, as mentioned before, are the most diverse and even in Italy it is possible to stay in furnished tents, geodesic domes, treehouses, etc., but with the uniqueness of being in our bel country and being able to enjoy territories rich in history, culture and especially wine and food itineraries. So little is needed to make stays like these memorable, rediscovering values such as authenticity and tradition.


How much does it cost to go on a glamping vacation?

Spending a vacation in locations like these is a quality choice and requires a decidedly higher than the prices of a campground. The services available to clients are sometimes customized to one's needs while maintaining high quality stadards. According to a recent market research the average price could settle around 184 euros per night for the most exclusive facilities. In contrast, we are talking about 150 euros for those facilities that, while providing a one-of-a-kind experience, are located in somewhat more rural settings. Generally speaking, it is still worth staying in one of these places, rediscovering a contact with nature that we had lost and helping small, all-Italian realities that can really make us experience a daydreaming.


The Coronavirus has taught us to prefer a local service more than a global one. Summer 2020 will be about discovery, where choosing for the simple and authentic will be a priority. Glamping represents what is closest to this ideal in the tourism industry: spending a vacation in the midst of nature will never be so convenient and comfortable, in full compliance with social distancing and relaxation.

Marcella Palmas